Friday, June 27, 2014

Architectural Salvage in Baltimore - Housewerks

I love salvage shopping and Housewerks is one of my favorite spots in Baltimore. A visit to Housewerks is worth it even if you just want to look at the 1885 building. Here is architectural salvage at work; the owners have restored a 129 year old building, the old Gas Valve Building, once involved in the manufacture of coke gas, a fuel used before natural gas. In 1904, the Baltimore Gas Appliance Manufacturing Corporation used the space to produce the old Oriole Stove.

Vintage Commercial Coca Cola Cooler

Outside, the salvage yard is filled with old tubs used for candy making at Hershey's; vintage metal patio furniture; disassembled
fountains; pieces taken from the front of an old church, and interesting things you don't know what they are. I love this old commercial Coke cooler. It reminds me of stopping by a country grocery store on a hot summer day.

The steps that lead indoors are lined with buckets filled with chunks of colored glass from an old glass works. Inside, find religious statues; industrial lighting; old signs; beautiful antique saints' industrial clocks and much more.  I love the high ceiling with its white supports and huge windows. Head down to the wonderfully spooky basement for more odds and ends.

Housewerks is located at 1415 Bayard St. in Baltimore, Maryland 21230.

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