Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Repurpose Vintage Silver for a Polished Look

Vintage silver plate utensils, trays, sugar bowls, creamers, and serving dishes can make a stylish impact for your table or anywhere around the house. Antique silver offers a genteel ambiance and adds panache to any home decor.

You can find lots of old silver plate dishware at thrift stores. I always see attractive items at my local Good Will Store at at other thrift stores in my area. Recognize silver plate by its tarnish which can turn a beautiful piece totally black.

Silver plate does wear off and some pieces will never regain their original shine even after a good rubbing with silver polish. In general, tarnish does not appear as circular spots. Those dark spots may be there for good. But even a damaged piece can look good. Just turn the bad spot toward the wall. Or think of those "age spots" as character.


Things to do With Vintage Silver

Fill a serving dish with pine cones, antique handkerchiefs, or sachets. In the bathroom, you can fill a silver dish with handmade soap. Silver plate can be very inexpensive. Use it to hold handmade soap, tea bags, candy or other items to give an elegant look to a gift.

Use a silver creamer or sugar bowl to hold flowers. Silver looks lovely paired with blue, white, or pink flowers and brings out the silver in artemisia and other gray or silvery foliage.

Use a silver cup or creamer to hold and display eating utensils at a party. A tall cup will add a new level to the table and make the forks or spoons easy to reach. (This cup could use a polish. But slightly tarnished silver can create a funky or rustic look)

Use a silver cup, creamer, or sugar bowl to hold tapered candles. Just soak a piece of Oasis floral foam, then place in the bottom of the container. Shove the candle into the foam. You can fill in the edges with leaves or flowers. Cut short pieces of evergreens at Christmas and insert into the foam. Add a bit of water to keep the green material fresh.

Once you start using old silver plate for decorating, you will think of many more uses. Why hide your grandmother's favorite silver plate in the cupboard when you can put it on display?

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