Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vary the Style of Hyrangeas With Different Containers

Hydrangeas provide an instant floral arrangement. The large clusters of blue, pink, or white blooms need no greenery, focal point, or filler, offering a one stop floral design and a simple, though luxurious bouquet.

Hydrangeas dry well for lovely late summer or fall arrangements. Allow the blooms to remain on the shrub until they begin to lose their color in late summer, then merely place them in a vase without water.  The dried hydrangeas pictured below were once deep blue but have faded to a soft green and greenish blue with a tinge of pink for a muted, vintage look.

No matter what your own personal style or decorating theme, hydrangeas will compliment any look and add that finishing touch that only real flowers can do. Below, check out the same bunch of dried hydrangeas in various containers, illustrating how to set a style with the same flowers using different vases, tubs or pots.


Hydrangeas displayed in a bowl make a simple yet elegant statement. When placing flowers on a dining table, make sure they are low enough to allow eye contact. You don't want to have to lean over to see the person sitting opposite.



The long stemmed hydrangeas look marvelous in a tall glass vase where they grace the entry hall. A large space demands a sizable arrangement.


Arranged in an antique blue and white spongeware pitcher, the soft hues of dried hydrangeas take on an old fashioned charm.


These painted metal floral tubs, once used on a European flower cart make for a dramatic yet home-spun appeal.

Cottage Style

The clean white tea pot sets off the hydrangeas for a cottage look that is both simple and charming. The small arrangement would look nice on a table or for a tea party decoration.