Monday, April 23, 2012

Portraits in Cheese

As an amature artist, I have struggled with painting or drawing the human face. Of course, I could attend art classes and learn how to do it right, but sometimes when the muse strikes, you just have to make do. 

I felt a pressing need to portray myself, as well as create a portrait of my handsome youngest son. All we had on hand at the time (this was at a party) were red napkins and that so called cheese that comes in a sort of spray can. Spray cheese, actually called Easy Cheese makes for a wonderful art medium.

            Here are the results of using this unique  method combined with the use of original art materials. It may seem like a waste of  food, but I don't think of spray cheese as actual food. In fact, there are probably few ingredients that qualify as what a  normal person would think of as food.

           The portrait of my son was so well   received that he used it for his Facebook avatar!   

And there am I, in cheese looking a lot like a self portrait I drew when I was about 12. Only then I used a pencil. 

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