Monday, October 24, 2011

Dried Roses for a Vintage Floral Design

Dried roses mixed with dried hydrangeas
Roses dry out surprisingly well, and easily too! I discovered this when my husband dead-headed some rose bushes and tossed the spent flowers into an old iron pot set on the porch steps. It was a dry summer, and the roses, forgotten, dried beautifully. 

Another accidental incident of dried roses - at the home of a very busy lady, I  noticed that she had let a huge vase of yellow roses go dry. Totally dry. The stems were shot, but I snipped off the flowers, took them home, and arranged them in a shallow bowl. Without using silica gel, the roses retained their color, fading to a lovely vintage shade.

These roses were hung upside down in a dark dry area for a bit over a week. I loved the muted tones and the vintage look, that soft, buttery yellow. 

When drying roses, it is best to use buds, or flowers that have just begun to open. Roses in full flower will lose petals if dried. 
Dried roses

I think dried roses would look very pretty added to an herb wreath, or mixed in with some dried lavender, or even tucked into some evergreens in a Christmas wreath.

Dried roses

The yellow roses on the left are mixed in with dried lavender. The color really stands out against the dark wood, and brown pitcher. I think they look so bright due to the light coming in from the window on the left.

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