Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fun Alternative Christmas Trees

Folded book page Christmas tree

During the holidays, I love to have a few alternative Christmas trees around the house. Of course you can buy a small artificial tree, but it's so much more fun to be creative and make your own. Here is a folded book page Christmas tree that I spotted in a shop last year. The tiered cut pages offer such a nice form that they need no added ornaments.
Folded book page Christmas tree

Last  year, we made several of these fold book page Christmas trees out of old Reader's Digest magazines. The one on the left was made of a book that I found in a garbage can (well, actually on top of someone's recycle can). Since it was so plain, I spray painted it gold and added a gold sprayed, dried flower head on top. Instructions for making this one can be found here.

Stuffed fabric Christmas tree

For the crafter or someone who sews, you know that you always have fabric scraps. Here are some stuffed Christmas trees made out of fabric, lace, and some trim. I love the soft white look. These little trees are such pretty shabby chic and make use of some of those hoarded pieces of fabric piled up in the sewing room. 

Stuffed fabric Christmas tree

Here is another example of a stuffed fabric Christmas tree. This one features some vintage style fabric and tea dyed ornaments. You can make them in several sizes to create a group. Here one is set beside some osage oranges. You can find out how to make these simple trees here.

Record album Christmas tree

What to do with all those old record albums? Use them to create a crazy Christmas tree on the front lawn. While some vinyl aficionados may cringe, I thought that the look was awesome. I saw this one on the front lawn on 36th Street in Hampden in Baltimore, Maryland, a place famous for its beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations.

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree
The little Christmas tree that shines just below the porch is made of a tomato cage. We simply wrapped  the cage with outdoor lights. It looked rather cheesy during the day but at night it added a nice touch.                  

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