Friday, July 13, 2012

Cute Container for Homemade Soap

Homemade soap in painted berry baskets

There are so many ways to present soap as a gift. I love to look at some of the pretty wrappings I see in shops that sell handcrafted soap. 

But I prefer the soap to show instead of covering it with even the most attractive paper. Exposure to air hardens the product so that it will last longer in the shower. 

Then I found these old wood berry boxes at Carson's in the Cornfields (PA). I thought they would be nice for the homemade jams I like to give as gifts. I usually pick the fruit myself and think the boxes make an amusing container. The boxes looked a bit yucky, so I painted them with a wash of acrylic paint and water. 

I became so enamored of the berry boxes, I decided to use them for my homemade soap as well. I like the old farmhouse look and even save some of those pressed paper berry boxes for next Christmas. 

Adding a bit of tissue paper softens the edges. But lining the boxes with these hand knit wash cloths is not only appropriate, but looks pretty too.

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