Sunday, June 24, 2012

Garden Arch Adds a Touch Of Mystery

I have become interested in garden arches lately and love how they set off a yard, dividing it from the rest of the world. You step through that arch into another reality. The one pictured above seem so mysterious

Just as I was thinking that, and had stepped out on the sidewalk, here comes a man through the arch as if summoned up by my very thought. 

At first, I heard a jingling sound. Looking up, I spotted a man who appeared to be a shaman. Wearing a long loose fitting jacket and trousers of mystery brown, printed with a metallic bronze, he came carrying a large bag,and a staff from which hung various objects, including jingle bells. His hat was rounded and conical, and he jingled as he walked, moving off to the right. He was very clean and neat, clean shaven, and the cloth of his costume appeared to be polished cotton, pressed and gleaming in the sunlight.

The little child who was with me took a terrible fright and scampered toward the safety of my husband's arms. I wondered, at first, why a child who is interested in and amused by everything should take such fright at such a fascinating gentleman. Perhaps, he really was a shaman, or a sorcerer, witch doctor, whatever you want to call him. 

Where was he going, or coming from, with such jingling, with such a purposeful stride?  I thought of him as Jingle Man and could not help but believe, despite the fear of my young darling, that he was on some mission of mercy. Maybe it was his strange power, or costume that frightened her. Maybe I should have stopped him and asked for his business card. We can all use a shaman once in awhile.

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