Monday, April 23, 2012

Taking Pictures - It's All In the Light

Ever since I got my new digital camera, an inexpensive Canon Power Shot A490, I've been taking pictures like a madwoman. Or a photographer. Every once in awhile, when I wonder how those professionals get such gorgeous shots, I remember that they not only have a skill honed by years of education and experience, and a high quality camera. And they take a gazillion pictures of one thing. 

Not that I'm not taking way too many photographs, but digital cameras are great for that - take tons of photos, sooner or later, you're bound to get one right!

There are, however, some occasions when you just know the photograph will look wonderful, when you know that you will get it right. Of course we all know that taking pictures midday washes out color and flattens the look of a photograph. And that it's best to have the sun behind your shoulder - in which case you have to watch so you don't wind up with a beautiful photograph marred by a silhouette of yourself. 

But there is that special light that comes before a storm, in late afternoon. The sky is partly cloudy, a heavy blanket of gray hoovers overhead, but the sun slants in from the edges. Run and get your camera! Now you may think, well of course the picture above is pretty - a pastoral sight, trees, blah blah blah. But in that slanted light, even the dullest landscape comes alive and the most ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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