Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Flowers - DIY Bouquets and Arrangements

Weddings are wonderful but can be very expensive. You can save money on a wedding by doing your own flowers. Most of the cost of having professionally arranged flowers is in the labor. Now, I certainly don't want to dismiss the floral industry. Professionals can really create fabulous floral arrangements and wedding bouquets. But, when you are pinching pennies, you just have to get a bit creative. 
There I am, old Dolores, fixing up a large combination of flowers in a rustic old bucket. This was an outdoor wedding, so we used all kinds of containers, from old buckets to mason jars. I went heavy on the filler flowers for a fluffy, natural look, adding solidago, Bells of Ireland,  and snap dragons.

The bridesmaid bouquets on the left were simply created with large hydrangeas. Then we added ranunculus for the splash of orange that our bride so loved. The bridal bouquet, you can see at the back, was made of all orange roses with looped ribbons of monkey grass. All bouquets were secured by winding and pinning ribbons around the gathered stems. We put the bouquets together 2 days before the wedding, storing them in water in a cool place. Since we bought the flowers at a wholesale floral warehouse, the blooms were not fully opened, giving us enough time to do things a bit ahead of time. 

Of course, you don't have to get fancy, or create a complex bouquet. Nothing is more beautiful than a handful of all the same type of flowers, a very popular concept. Sometimes combining flowers can be a bit much, while using only one kind gives an arrangement an elegant, yet simple look. 

The last time I created a wedding bouquet, I simply hand tied a few lilies. The bridesmaids carried 3 blooms, along with some fern, while the bride carried 5 blooms and fern. All were secured with white satin ribbon and white beaded pins. 

If you just use a few flowers, remember to include an odd number. It just works out better. Some time before the event, buy some of the types of flowers that you wish to use so that you can practice putting bouquets or arrangements together.

You can also use your own flowers, but flowers raised by the industry do have a tendency to last longer. And you can't always count on your own flowers to be in  perfect shape for the event. Of course, you can always plant the event around the time that your favorite flowers are in bloom. Hydrangeas, for example, remain attractive for a long time. 

I wish that I had more pictures of the flowers, but I was too busy. And at the weddings, well, I was too busy having a good time.

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