Sunday, August 7, 2011

Broke a Leg - Decorate the Cast

Breaking your leg is a real drag. There is nothing pretty about it. A broken bone is painful and inconvenient and can be humiliating. Then you get stuck in a cumbersome cast.

When my daughter broke her leg, the doctor applied an attractive cobalt blue cast. And in an attempt to add a bit of fun, I decorated it with a metallic silver pen, then added some fake diamonds for a bit of sparkle. The result is a beautiful cast. It's still a drag, but at least my daughter gets compliments on her cast.

Casts now come in several colors and there are plenty of decorations that you can add to spruce it up. You don't have to be an artist, just have a plan and have fun!

When decorating a cast, keep it simple and keep it cheerful. Do not add a skull and crossbones, flames, or anything that can be construed as negative. Cheer the patient up with joyful images such as:
Polka dots - simple and stylish
Stripes - vertical works well
Paisley - draw some paisley patterns and outline with bumps, fill in with swirls or dots
Flowers - daisies are easy to draw and so happy
Stars - in many sizes, add additional lines radiating out from or from between the points
Green blades of grass growing up from the bottom
Fleur di lis
Musical notes
Balloons - circle with strings, overlap some of the balloons for an authentic look
Hearts - different sizes for variety


  1. What a great idea this beats all the mixed signatures thats for sure.
    You are welcome to visit my blog on crafts etc if you would like

  2. Tips - thank you! It certainly cheered my daughter, having something pretty on her poor broken leg.