Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reuse Old Ceiling Tin - Make a Wall Hanging

As much as I love the beautiful things that I see in magazines, I realize the cost of living makes it nearly impossible. But using a bit of creativity, and learning where to look to find the right bones, we can create a unique home environment that enriches our lives.

Shopping has long been a popular activity for many but the ridiculous prices in the shops of my dreams has sent me scrambling for more realistic opportunities. But amazing things can be found at thrift stores, architectural salvage yards, and in the garbage.

I spotted antique ceiling tile and bought a piece of it with the thought of hanging it behind my stove for a vintage look. But the tile did not fit. So I cleaned it, cut it down, and wrapped it around a simple wooden frame. Old ceiling tile is remarkably easy to cut with tin snips and can be folded around the edges of the frame, then screwed on.

I removed the paint - outdoors on a tarp as old ceiling tile was most likely painted with a lead based paint. Then, I created several layers of paint in the colors I wanted - brown, blue, and an overlay of metalic copper. Of course, one color would be just as attractive, but I like to overdo things.

Finish with a clear coat of spray paint to enrich and protect the color.

The use of old objects for home decor adds a distinctive look and is a sustainable practice that cuts down on waste. Architectural salvage can introduce a feeling of antiquity, of warmth, charm, and whimsy to perk up any room.

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